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A Typical CNC shop floor has an environment of employees operating the machines, handling the materials, and finished parts, and a supervisor who maintains the record of the completed parts, quality reports, workforce indulged in shifts, etc. This setup has a lot of Cons such as no transparent work activity, manual records of the production process, no timely maintenance, centralized decision-making, etc.


Industry 4.0 for the manufacturing industry will always be a challenge because of the monitoring and tracking of the various machine and equipment. According to the field study, the clients are looking for a single window to look after the shop floor. All the manufacturers of different machines and equipment are providing their own IoT app but it will not solve the problem of finding the root cause and bottleneck tracking of the process on the shop floor.



Dyna4Cast Technologies providing the single roof system where clients can integrate all their cutting-edge high-end machines to simple weighing machine. Our company focus to solve this gap because integration of different machine and software will showcase the business intelligence capabilities like KPI and other performance improvable factors.


Dyna4Cast providing various hardware for the machine level integration to monitor the real time status of the process and it will showcase the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) of the plan has increased to 12% for overall plant, production line, individual cell and machine. Collection all the data from the various machine will be delivered to customer friendly business intelligence dashboards for tracking and accountability. Bringing all those factors in a single dashboard will help clients to analyse their business capabilities, spikes and downs.

• Increase of OEE 12% in 8 months.

• Downtime reduction of 4 mins in the process line.

• Preventive Maintenance breakdown declined as 16.8%.

• Night Shift Manpower allocation reduced to 50%.

• Dyna Assist can replace 1 supervisor position and save up to 3 lakhs a year in manpower.


So far, Dyna4Cast covered almost thousand different machines with 9 different hardware across India. After implementation of the system, the changes in the KPI comes under real time tracking and accountability. Our company established Dyna Assist solution for various corporates like CRI, Sakthi Groups, Barani Hydraulics, Aditya Birla and more.


Head Office

25A, Chitra Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu, India - 641035.


R & D Office

33/145, Middle Street, Mudugarai, Madurantakam, Chengalpattu - 603306.

Marketing Office

A/60, Siddhnath Society, Kalikund,

Dholka-382225, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


+91 9789-59-2778, +91 8870-88-3353.



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