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A typical CNC shop floor has an environment of employees operating the machines, handling the materials, and finished parts, and a supervisor who maintains the record of the completed parts, quality reports, workforce indulged in shifts, etc. This setup has a lot of Cons such as no transparent work activity, manual records of the production process, no timely maintenance, centralized decision-making, etc.




• The real-time running status of the machines on the shop floor can be monitored on your palm-sized smartphone.

• The employee’s productivity can be tracked.

• All the data are digitally recorded and stored, which can further be used to compare & analyze business, productivity, and project planning, etc. 

• The shop floor becomes decentralized in decision-making.

Yes! At Dyna4Cast we make it possible. With AIoT (i.e., a combination of Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things) we help industries to attain a flawless productive environment and a transparent shop floor system. Also, with a prior notification of the machine breakdown, tool wear, and run-time status, industries can prevent their downtime. By continuous monitoring, quality rejections are reduced and timely action in critical situations can be taken in advance, which can prevent costly failures.

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