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A typical CNC shop floor has an environment of employees operating the machines, handling the materials, finished parts, and a supervisor who maintains the record of the completed parts, quality reports, workforce indulged in shifts, etc. This setup has a lot of Cons such as no transparent work activity, manual records of the production process, no timely maintenance, centralized decision making, etc

What if,


  • The real-time running status of the machines on the shop floor can be monitored on your palm-sized smartphone,

  • The employee’s productivity can be tracked,

  •  All the data are digitally recorded and stored, which can further be used to compare & analyze business, productivity, and project planning, etc.,

  • The shop floor becomes decentralized in decision-making.


Yes! at Dyna4Cast we make it possible. With AIoT (i.e., the combination of Artificial intelligence and Internet of things) we help industries to attain a flawless productive environment and a transparent shop floor system.

Also, a prior notification of the machine's wear, and run time status by our AI model industries can prevent their downtime. By continuous monitoring, quality rejections are reduced and timely action in critical situations can be taken in advance, which prevents costly failures.

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Our Dyna hardware such as


(i). Sanctance,

(ii). Xintel,

(iii). HMI’s

   which will monitor the machine and transmit data such as:

  • Temperature,

  • OEE,

  • Machine status (Run, Idle, Breakdown)

  • Employee access details

  • Employee productive hours etc., via Dyna Gateway.


These data will be stored in a database that can either be a cloud server or an In-house server. On point, these are digitally recorded data without human intervention, which leads to a transparent product cycle. AI will group the data and will do the necessary operations requested by the user via our user interface Dyna Assist. The service that Dyna4cast provide is not limited to the above-described features and also includes, Auto suggestions of our BI model which can assist you during critical decision-making, predictive maintenance, Payroll management, Supply chain Tracking, etc., (i.e., from raw material to a dispatched product) we support your production and take your business to the next level.


Head Office

25A, Chitra Nagar, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore,  Tamil Nadu, India - 641035.


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33/145, Middle Street, Mudugarai, Madurantakam, Chengalpattu - 603306.

Marketing Office

A/60, Siddhnath Society, Kalikund,

Dholka-382225, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


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