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* Daily Production Target / Achieved
* Real Time Lubricant level monitoring
* Real Time Vehicle Filling
* Notification to the supplier from the plant based on threshold value
* ML suggestion for demand predictions
* Anywhere Andon
* ERP Integration of oil consumption


In a manufacturing industry’s shopfloor, usage and monitoring of oil supply is vital as it makes sure an uninterrupted process end-to-end. This process is mostly done using manual entry methods. That marks a crucial role as any error can lead to interruption in the manufacturing process until the root gets fixed. Hence relying on human intervention for this role is a lot of stakes


Dyna4cast Establishing a data pipeline looks something like understanding the shopfloor and preparing databases and storage in accordance with the manufacturing workspace. The data which is generated from the Digital Twin will be comprised of features such as Product name, Number of Variants, Date and Month of production, Cycles in a production unit, Number of Assembly Lines, Oil Level in Tank(s), Production Target. This data is passed to the system which in turn predicts the oil production and usage for the period required


Dyna4cast providing Digital Twin technologies to manage supply demand. once the inventory reaches the shopfloor, the Digital Twin is updated, and the process repeats as per the latest inventory. The process flow is now as per the latest inventory. At this stage production planning can be done which is based on the updated inventory, existing production targets in line.

  • Efficient Production Planning based on an AI based technology

  • Automation of the end-to-end process of Manufacturing

  • Effortless process of Supply Chain Management

  • Eliminating traditional Book-Keeping process resulting in hassle and error free workflows.


Dyna4cast implemented more than 10 companies in India. After implementation of the system, the change in the company is tracking inventory in real time and analysing bottle neck in supply demand. Our company established Dyna solution to various foundries and process Industry in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.







Various Machines and Equipement

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