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Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance uses condition-monitoring technologies and methods to track the efficiency of assets while they perform. The asset being monitored can be serviced or replaced just before it fails by analyzing the historical and real-time data which enables the engineer to predict the future failure of the asset. Predictive maintenance minimizes equipment downtime and maintenance expenses while enabling significantly lower maintenance frequency and avoiding unplanned maintenance which will affect productivity. The lifespan of the object being monitored may be maximized with the help of predictive maintenance.

Difference b/w Condition monitoring and Predictive maintenance:  

Predicitive Maintenance-01.png

In the figure above, you can see the many areas that the maintenance techniques share as well as how far in advance the breakdown is predicted when using predictive maintenance.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 172604.png

Let us get back to predictive maintenance again

So, how does Predictive maintenance work?


Condition monitoring tools are used by predictive maintenance to assess asset performance. The implemented sensors capture a wide range of information from the physical operations of vibration, acoustics, conductivity, etc. Th an asset, such as temperature, is e Internet of Things (IoT), which enables many systems to collaborate in order to process & analyze the collected data to determine when maintenance should be carried out, and it remains the crucial component of the process. Additionally, when new machine learning technology develops, the prediction algorithms' accuracy might rise, producing even higher performance.


  • Elimination of unscheduled equipment downtime and sudden system failure.  

  • Increased production capacity.  

  • Reduced maintenance cost

  • Increased equipment lifespan.  

  • Increased ROI.  

  • Verification of Repairs efficacy.



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