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Hydraulic Press Digital Twin 

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Digital twins are virtual representations of physical assets or systems that can be used to monitor, analyze, and optimize their performance. It is an advanced technology that brings together the physical and digital world and enables seamless interaction between them.

In this blog you get to know how Dyna4cast digitally twinned a way old hydraulic press and gave a minimum level of intelligence.

The machine that we handled was few decades old and was still operating. Though, it was tough for the engineers to predict the output of the machine and to find the fault if occurred. It takes a lot of time to identify the issue to get resolved. This leads to downtime by affecting various departments like production, maintenance, quality and purchase.

Unfortunately, since it is an old machine no chance of data retrieval was possible. D4C analyzed and examined the hydraulic press for the machine’s capability to communicate with IoT devices and came up with our Digital Twin concept for Hydraulic press.

D4C made a virtual model of that huge hydraulic press unit and attached the sensors to this virtual model. Therefore, by creating a virtual dashboard, customers can able Dyna4Cast Technologies Hydraulic Press Digital Twin to visualize the real-time state of the machine. Also, we made it easy for the maintenance people to identify the faults by visualizing the area of failure which makes the work so quick.

Since, the system displays accurate real-time data, it forecasts anomalies in advance so that the maintenance team can be alerted and notify the purchasing team about the spare that has to be procured ahead of time.

Benefits :

  • Failure alerts in advance

  • Less downtime and on-time production.

  • Ensures the machine’s health.

  • Pre-production simulation.

  • Behavioral analysis for various loads.

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